20 simple ways to show HER you love her.

1. Pick her some flowers.

2. Draw her a bubble bath after a long day of work (no expectations of sex fellas. NOT the point)

3. Brush her hair while watching TV. 

4. Hand write her a poem.

5. Fill her car up with gas.

6. Bake her cupcakes. (directions are on the package)

7. Surprise her by dressing the bed w/new, freshly washed 800+ thread count sheets. (please wash them first)

8. Make her a nice dinner AND clean up afterward. (recipes on Foodnetwork.com)

9. Buy her some lingerie (victoriassecrets.com)

10. Read a book together.

11. Paint her toenails for her (it does not have to be perfect she will be happy you tried)

12. Open the car door for her.

13. Tell her she looks beautiful...Often.

14. Kiss her on the forehead while gently holding her head.

15. Have her car washed.

16. Text her I love you at random.

17. Ask her how her day went. 

18. Take her on a surprise picnic.

19. Get a couples massage together. 

20. NEVER talk bad about her friends (even if you can't stand them)