20 simple ways to show HIM you love him.

1. Call his Mom and ask her for the recipe of his favorite meal growing up and make it for him. (even if it is not as good as moms he wouldn't dare say so)

2. Massage his feet.

3. Initiate morning sex. (TRUST me, its his FAVE)

4. Initiate sex. (trust me, its hie FAVE)

5. Ask him how his day went.

6. Never talk bad about his buddies. (even if you can't stand them)

7. Text him a sexy pic showing him what he gets when he gets home. (use the app "snapchat" so it is permanently deleted in 20 seconds)

8. Make him breakfast in bed.

9. Let him vent.

10. Purchase him season tickets to his favorite local sports team .

11. Allow him to take his friends to some of those games.

12. When you are out on a date, wear a dress and whisper to him that you aren't wearing panties right before the waiter comes to take your order.

13. Offer to have the "Guys" over for a sunday game or BBQ.

14. Take him lunch on his lunch hour.

15. Tell him he's sexy.

16. Buy sexy lingerie and wear it.

17. Ask for his advise.

18. Be the one he has the most fun with.

19. Wear one of his white T-shirts to bed. (and nothing else)

20. Send him to work with lunch and put a sexy note in it.