20 unique ways to use Coconut Oil

  1. All natural No-bake cookies (recipe here)
  2. Shaving legs
  3. Oil pulling  (why oil 
  4. here)
  5. Season cast iron skillet 
  6. pulling)
  7. Removing makeup
  8. Furniture polish
  9. Conditioning cat/dogs fur (read 
  10. Homemade Deodorant (deodorant recipe here)
  11. Add to smoothies. 2 tablespoons a day will boost energy, increase healthy thyroid function & rev. up metabolism. (top smoothie ingredients)
  12. Decadent treat -1tsp. room temp. coconut oil 1tsp. raw honey, sliced almonds or pecans, dash or 3 cinnamon. Mix and slowly enjoy…
  13. Fry eggs
  14. Popping corn
  15. Add to baked sweet potato instead of butter
  16. Homemade Granola (Coconut oil Granola recipe)
  17. Blend in your coffee (recipe for coconut oil coffee)
  18. Sexual lubricant (its the only one I use)
  19. Massage oil
  20. Homemade Body scrub (DIY Sugar Scrub Here)