Hello friends, my name is Kimberly. I've been wanting to create My Holistic Solutions for quite some time so I can share with you, all the things I have discovered while in my pursuit to simplify my life, be more efficient in my daily activities, become healthier and enjoy a peaceful more natural & holistic lifestyle. I have found so many simple solutions to common everyday problems, many of them [solutions]  right under our bathroom/kitchen sinks. 

While on my journey to become more of a minimalist, (in a consumerist world) to live a more simple life and to honor our Mother Earth. Not only has this been a learning adventure but I've also saved some money along the way. Ive found that the more "stuff" I have, the more I worry about "my stuff". So far I have noticed, I produce less waste, I feel healthier, I spend less at the market and I've increased my happiness 10 fold, all at the same time. 

 I hope you are able to find some useful information and are able to enjoy a more healthy and fulfilling life too. 

THANK YOU all so much for looking thru this website and supporting my quest... Namaste & God Bless..... Sincerely, Kimberly